:25- Lurking (Okay, last BNWG joke XD ……. for now)

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You guys. Protag undoes his jacket slowly while releasing his Persona. I’m serious. Read into that what you will. Yosuke seemed to approve.

Still think Narukami Yu is a horrible name, but will let it go for the undressing eye candy.

“yosuke just sitting there like holy shit

i would totally

let the transfer student

put  his balls in my mouth

like i would actually be okay with that” —@lovestoned on twitter

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@brook "i'm just going to send you a message so i don't annoy people with my bitching BUT YES OMG. it's weird how the actual in-game cutscenes look better than the anime. it was such a great improvement over the god-awful cutscenes in persona 3 too. :c idk what happened. chie looks like a triangle for god's sake."

AHHAHAHA i seriously do not even know?? like, i actually thought it looked pretty great from the trailers even if the coloring bugged me a little. it kind of strikes me as a attempt to make the animation really “stylized” which would be fine i suppose, were it not for the fact that the animation quality is pretty terribad. for really stylized animation, you really need the quality to be pretty top tier, which it really….wasn’t….save for a few up close moments….

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Personal Fionna Opinion


This is something that has been bugging me for a while about Finn’s genderbent analogue on Adventure Time that the fandom has really taken to, so I think now is as good a time as any to just make a post about it. These are my opinions, so if you like it or even agree, good for you, if not, well that’s cool too. You can say what you want, but I’m not looking for a fight. Good? Good.

I personally don’t like Fionna that much. What bugs me isn’t that she’s a girl, but how they pulled off her being a girl.

For some reason, she’s an aged up, female version of Finn, thus giving her her curvy figure. And while I have nothing wrong with that, there are several things that bug me about it.

For one, if you are actually going to have a female analogue of a male character, you should probably keep her having the same age, so same physique. Just as a fan thing, it looks kind of dumb when you change the age like that. So that bugs me, but not enough to actually make this post. Here is what honestly bugs me:

I don’t like how Fionna is a “sexy” female hero. I don’t. There is nothing wrong with fine looking ladies, but I my impression from this is that the only way you can get a good female hero by making her in her teens and have a choice body. I despise this. 

I know this might not be the intent, but the fact that her character is deliberately aged up and then given that form doesn’t help the case at all. 

I would have adored having a thirteen-year-old girl adventurer who looks thirteen. Not to be preachy, but I really don’t think it gives the right idea to young girls watching the show. Finn is a great hero, and honestly, a great cartoon role model for young boys. He doesn’t look physically deformed and like he is constantly on steroids like past male adventurers in older cartoons, he has feelings, he always aims to do what is right, and he acts like a kid. If I were a little girl again, I would want that, too. 

I’m not saying that a girl can’t look up to a male character, but I think that a girl hero that is as awkward looking physically, but pure at heart as Finn would be a great character for young girls. I don’t have anything against Natzilla for her decisions on her fan characters and I don’t have anything against the people on the AT team who thought it would be a great episode idea, but all I’m saying is that if it were me, I would’ve done it differently.

A female hero doesn’t need to look sexy to be a good hero is my point, I suppose.

personally, i think the great thing about fionna’s design is the fact that she is so curvy. i got the impression she was a little chubby, too? you’d be surprised, but there are a lot of curvy thirteen year old girls out there like fionna, who feel especially awkward because most characters on television shows that represent their age group are usually pretty skinny. that’s the image most girls are seeing. let’s not forget marceline and pb either, who are both really skinny.

a female hero doesn’t need to look sexy to be a good hero, no, but there’s nothing wrong with a female hero that is sexy, either (i don’t personally see fionna as “sexy” but i don’t think that’s relevant either way). young females come in a lot of shapes and sizes, and imo fionna is good at representing the curvier side?? you honestly don’t see that a lot. on top of being utterly adorable, she’s exactly like finn - happy-go-lucky and adventurous and funny and everything you’d expect from any run of the mill cartoon series hero.

i also don’t think it’s right for you to be calling her “physically deformed” either, just sayin’.

he has feelings, he always aims to do what is right, and he acts like a kid.

so does fionna, though? i don’t know. the fact that you have so much against fionna’s character just because of her figure bothers me. there’s nothing wrong with having a curvy figure at all. all girls aren’t all the same shapes and sizes.

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